Supported Employment Specialist - Demorest

Job Title: Supported Employment Specialist - Demorest
Department: Demorest Center
Salary: 23,695.15-26,942.74
Posted: 10/13/2020

Job Description
This position carries out the services of the IPS Supported Employment program by
assisting clients to obtain and maintain employment that is consistent with their vocational goals.

Responsibilities: Engages clients and establishes trusting, collaborative relationships directed
toward the goal of competitive employment in community job settings with other workers who
do not necessarily have disabilities.

Assists clients in obtaining information about their benefits (e.g., SSI, Medicaid, etc.) and how
they will be affected by employment in order for clients to make good decisions about
employment opportunities. Refers clients to benefits counseling, as needed. Helps clients report
earnings, as needed.

Assesses clients' vocational functioning on ongoing basis utilizing background information and
work experiences. With the client's permission, provides education and support to family
members. Discusses client's preference for disclosure of psychiatric status to employers.
Conducts job development and job search activities directed toward positions that are
individualized to the interests and uniqueness of the people on his/her caseload, following the
principles and procedures of IPS supported employment.

Conducts a minimum of six employer contacts per week. Employer contacts are designed to
learn about the needs of the business, describe supports offered by the program and describe
client strengths that are relevant to the position.

Provides individualized follow-along supports to assist clients in maintaining employment.
Writes job support plans with clients and incorporating input from the mental health team.
Adjusts plan according to clients’ needs and preferences.

Provides education and support to employers as agreed upon by clients, which may include
negotiating job accommodations and follow-along contact by the employment specialist with the

Provides outreach services as necessary to clients when they appear to disengage from the
service. Uses a variety of methods to provide outreach.

Provides timely interventions. Returns phone calls and reacts to situations in a timely manner.
For example, returns client phone calls within 24 hours. Goes to see employers about job loss or
job problems within 24 hours. Follows up on job leads within 48 hours. Meets with clients
within one week prior to job starts and within three days after job starts.

Participates in bi-monthly meetings with mental health treatment team and communicates
individually with team members between meetings in order to coordinate and integrate
vocational services into mental health treatment.

Participates in face-to-face meetings with vocational rehabilitation counselors at least once a
month to coordinate services for clients.

Develops an individual employment (and/or education) plan with clients. Incorporates input
from mental health team and family members, with permission.

Spends 65% or more of scheduled work hours in the community. For example, meets clients at
community locations such as home, workplace, coffee shop, meeting with potential employers,
library, One-Stop, VR office, family home, etc. or takes clients to apply for jobs, investigate
local GED or colleges, etc.

Provides supported education, using principles similar to supported employment, for clients who
express interest in education to advance their employment goals.

Responsible for a minimum of 24 job starts per year or maintaining at least 43%
employment on caseload.

Completion of a Bachelor's Degree in Social Work, Psychology, Mental Health, Sociology or Counseling OR completion of the aforementioned degree in a Social Services related field and one year of full-time (or equivalent part-time) experience in social services delivery.

Preferred Qualifications:
Experience working with people with severe mental illness,
experience providing employment services, and knowledge of the work world is preferred.
Ability to work as an effective team player is essential.

Must be 21 years of age with 3 years of driving experience. Any applicant must not have six (6) or more points against their driver's license or a suspended or revoked driver's license within the last five (5) years.

* Drug Screen required on most employees (determined by job class).

**Positions may be filled before the closing (ending) date if a qualified candidate is selected.**

NOTE: All qualified applicants will be considered, but may not necessarily receive an interview

The selected candidate will be subject to a FBI Criminal History Record Check. Applicants reserve the right to challenge the contents of a FBI Criminal History Record Check.

Avita Community Partners is an Equal Opportunity Employer and does not discriminate in its service practices or employment practices with regard to race color, religion, disability, gender, sexual orientation

This is a full time position and is available for organizational benefits.

Position Reference #33616


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