Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

At Avita Community Partners, we believe that adults with Intellectual and developmental disabilities can be vibrant members of our communities and should have the opportunity to pursue their life goals and be as independent as possible.

Personal and Social Services

Individuals with Intellectual and developmental disabilities who live in their own residences may receive personal, social, and community support related to self-care and household maintenance. Avita personnel are available to assist with shopping, paying bills, participation in community activities, and other personal issues. Twenty-four hour support is available for those living with a host family.


Some adults with Intellectual and development disabilities, who may have no nearby support of family to live with, find a place to call home thanks to the Avita Host Program. Avita trains, screens, and contracts with families who treat our clients with love, respect, dignity while providing a long-term home and a secure environment.

Additionally, Respite Service is available for families or caregivers who need a break from providing full-time care to an individual with a Intellectual and developmental disability. Respite may be used for short or long periods of time – from a few hours to several days. Respite Services may not always be available, and you should talk with Avita staff about any questions you have regarding Respite.

Employment Support

The Avita employment specialists can help individuals with Intellectual and development disabilities identify strengths, learn job skills, pursue interviews, and support them in succeeding at their job. Employment may only be a few hours per week up to full time employment. Our staff works with a variety of employers including banks, hospitals, food service operations, retail sites, manufacturing companies, and more.


Depending on treatment needs, medical services may be available including physician and nursing care, medication management, and pharmacy services.
For more information on these services, contact us at 1-800-525-8751.